Allergy testing


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About Allergy Testing

Anything that you come into contact with that your body views as a “harmful invader”
can be a cause of an allergy. Normally harmless substances that are common causes
of allergies include pollen, animal dander, mold, dust, foods, insect venom and latex 

Technically, your symptoms are the result of a chain of events that are your body’s
response to the “harmful invader.” Your body “sees” the invader, makes antibodies to
fight the invader, and in so doing, releases histamines that cause your allergy

If you think you have allergies, don’t wait to see if your symptoms go away. When your
symptoms last longer than a week or two and tend to come back, make an
appointment with an allergy/immunology specialist.

Blood test work should be obtained. The test evaluates the number of antibodies
produced by your immune system. Higher levels of certain antibodies suggest possible
allergy to that allergen.